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Inheritance Disputes & Estate Litigation | WA TEDRA Attorney - Ep. 2: How Do I Bring a TEDRA Peti...

Ep. 2: How Do I Bring a TEDRA Petition?

This is the second video in my Washington TEDRA Attorney video series. Today's video focuses on what a potential client should do if they think they might have an estate litigation issue that falls under TEDRA. This is a very broad overview of what the first steps are in seeking out counsel, meeting with them, and determining if you have a case.

The number one message that I try to convey in this video is, "if you have a potential estate litigation matter in Washington, you really want to speak with an attorney that focuses on TEDRA law."

If you have any questions regarding this episode, or if you would like for me to tackle specific issues in future episodes, please be sure to leave a comment in the comment section.

Thank you for watching and hope to hear from you soon.

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